Tree Removal Service

Holiday Clean-up is a breeze with MJW Tree Removal!

MJW Tree Removal and Disposal Service:

Prior to tree removal, please ensure all lights and decorations are removed.

  • Convenient removal within your specified time frame
  • Carefully detaching undecorated tree from stand & watering bowl
  • Removing tree from your home or office
  • Thoroughly tidying up of the tree removal areas
  • Hauling away and recycling your tree into garden mulch so it can return to nature and nourish

Appointments for tree removal are available December 28th – December 30th & January 2nd – January 15th

Tree Removal

I decided to purchase my first real tree this past Christmas and took advantage of the delivery service offered through MJW. I put in my preferences for tree type and size online and was contacted to schedule a delivery date. The day of, I got a call with an estimated time. Two guys showed up and let me pick from 2 tree options, which was great. They further cut and mounted the tree outside. When they brought it in, they even rotated it to find the perfect side and offered to trim the bottom if I wanted. Overall a great experience!

— Leighanna K.

It’s that time of the year again – the “let’s get a live Christmas tree in the house” time.  I love shopping local places and MJW has a good selection of trees.  We found a great 7′ tree.  The friendly staff were all over the place, and they trimmed the bottom (which is essential) and then lifted it onto my car and tied it down.  

– Adrian H.

Our first time ever Christmas tree shopping and they took great care of us! The staff was very friendly and showed us all the different tree options and helped us find the perfect one. They then cut it to size, tied it to the car for us, and even gave us a little bit of a deal with the tree stand. Now our beautiful tree is proudly residing in our apartment!

— Brandon B.

We appreciate your consideration of our delivery policies and thank you for allowing MJW Services to make your Holiday Season bright!